AGH! I can’t believe that almost two weeks have passed since I posted to my blog.  I’ve missed being here.

For my family the first two weeks of June are just as busy as the last two weeks of December.  End of the year school parties, baseball parties, and birthday celebrations keep our calendar very full.  And this year we threw in a family vacation at the end of May just to ensure that life would be wonderfully crazy.

At the beginning of this year I conquered some obstacles in managing my regular schedule and finally began writing and blogging with more consistency.  I wrote about that here.  And now, in the second half of the year, I need to focus on how to maintain my writing and blogging schedule during busy seasons.  We’ll find out in December how successful I am in making progress on that.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a blog post that encouraged me greatly last week.  The perfect words at the perfect time from Ed Cyzewski, a writer who writes and blogs to encourage other writers.  I subscribe to his weekly newsletter called The Contemplative Writer, and highly recommend it to anyone with a passion for writing.

But whether or not you are a writer, his brief post is a good reminder of the grace that all of us need to be reminded about from time to time.  I coincidentally read it during a moment when I feeling discouraged about struggling to make time to write and blog.  At the conclusion I felt some of the tension leave my shoulders that I was carrying from the burden of not being successful at accomplishing every thing that I want to do well in a given day right now.

If you are feeling that way about anything that matters to you, I hope that Ed’s words will find their way to you to lift some of the weight you are carrying  from the burden of managing to-do lists during unusually busy seasons.

I think his post touches on one of the most significant reasons for investing in community.  The opportunity to practice grace – whether it’s giving it or receiving it or both.

Because finding grace at the place where we’ve come to the end of our own abilities, is often the very place where renewal and growth begins.

This Is What Happens When Life Is Full

It was bound to happen I suppose. Our family’s impending move has filled our weekly schedule to the point that I completely missed sending the email last week. Sorry about that!

Spiritual director Larry Warner had shared in a workshop once that we stop describing ourselves as busy and opt for the more accurate term: full. Life has been full for our family as we prepare to move in the middle of June.

I don’t have anything profound or reflective to share this week other than committing to continue working on making this contemplative project happen, making space as I can for it, and admitting that sometimes life fills up with other things and I literally just run out of hours in a given day.

Perhaps we need to have more discussions about the ways that we are finite, limited, and prone to drop the ball sometimes. We all need grace after all.

Thanks for reading,

I look forward to seeing you here next week!


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