Photo courtesy of Christin Babikian
Photo courtesy of Christin Babikian

I made some time this week to pull up a chair at a local coffee shop and wander around the internet looking for inspiration from what other people are saying about nourishing community at our tables.

I was not disappointed.

The fruit of my efforts was discovering a contributor blog called “Grace Table”.  They describe themselves as:

“People who love God, who love communion and who love a good dinner table conversation. We are storytellers who love food. We’re chefs, short-order cooks, soup stirrers, and birthday cake makers. We are kitchen people and grill masters. We make gourmet breakfasts and serve cereal for dinner. We are passionate about faith and food. We’re hungry for a table where grace is said and passed, like a warm basket full of rolls. Come break bread with us–we’ve saved you a seat.”

I think I may have found my long lost soul sisters.

I was encouraged and inspired by many of the posts on their site, but I’ll share a link to one of my favorites, “Open Your Doors Anyways”.

It’s a surreal and magical feeling to stumbling on a reflection of what I feel and believe so deeply in my own heart.

Happy Reading!


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