Photo courtesy of Moriah Broughton
Photo courtesy of Moriah Broughton


That’s why you need to be vulnerable with your community.  Without vulnerability, we don’t have the opportunity to give or receive grace.

Grace is the unmerited, undeserved, and unearned kindness that we receive from people and from God.  It how our value is affirmed not because of what we do, but because of who we are – imperfect human beings worthy of love and friendship and care.

When our energy is centered on keeping our flaws, failures, and fears a secret from our community, we deny ourselves the strength, healing, and joy that flows from being seen and loved just as we are.

We can illude ourselves into believing that the vulnerability that deeply connects our souls to another – releasing the healing gift of grace – happens by a willingness to talk about what we’ve overcome.  But our hearts are truly bound to the heart of another when can confide what we are struggling with right now.

We experience the liberating freedom of grace when we share the raw honesty of our flaws, failure, and our fears – before we know if or how our messes will resolve.

That is the immeasurable value of community.

I’m not advocating sharing our raw stories with everyone we meet.  I believe in being intentional about who we choose to share our deepest self with.   This type of connection is not possible in every group that we engage in.  That would be exhausting and potentially harmful.

But intentional living also includes investing in A community that is built on mutual trust and authentic sharing.  Engaging in relationships with a group of unguarded people committed to carrying one anothers burdens and celebrating each others victories.  Being fully known by a community of people who you affectionately describe as “My People”.

And if you can’t find a group who can be Your People, then I hope this blog is a place that can help you create one.

Because the fullness of grace isn’t experienced because it is given, it is found in being shared.

How have you experienced grace in the community of Your People?




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