Dinner with our guys last night.

I struggle with migraines.  Thankfully I get considerable relief from prescription medication, but sometimes I have to take a pretty high dose.  For several days I feel like a thick, dark cloud is trapped in my head making every thought and action feel a bit hazy, while it suppresses the constant droning of a threatening migraine that is being subdued into a relentless headache.

But at least I can get out of bed and function.

This has been a migraine week.

And our community dinners have continued even though I’m not at my best.  Because the heart of these dinners is to live life together as our most authentic selves.  So that means that I don’t just open my door when I feel great.  I open my door and I’m real.  If I’ve had a bad day or if I don’t feel good, I do not pretend otherwise.

This does not mean that I unleash negativity and woe-is-me-drama on everyone in my home.  But I do say, “I’m so glad that you’re here.  I’m not feeling great today and I need extra help.”

Being honest and letting my community help me when I need it bonds us together.  It makes my home a place where people can be real and share openly when they are feeling awful because of illness or life.

So this week I gladly opened my door on Monday and Thursday.  Together we made very simple meals, as I relied on a lot of assistance from everyone in my home.  Last night (Thursday), I sat at our table enjoying the laughter and the conversation around the table like suave to my hurting head.  And then I went to bed after dinner while our guys played games and cleaned the kitchen for me.

Taken shortly before I went to bed.

It felt like family.

The dinner menu was Orange Chicken and Egg Rolls from Costco that were heated up in the oven.  Served with jasmine rice and oven-roasted pre-trimmed green beans.

The meal was simple, but the fellowship was still deep.

And I went to bed early with a hurting head and a happy heart.



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