Last week I wrote a piece about insights I drew from my Thanksgiving dinner.  A main point of that post is that I don’t want to allow the flaws – whether it be in regards to my cooking, my community, or my family – to completely overshadow the beauty and the value that is always present as well.

I need to apply this truth to my blog.

I have so many ideas for pullupachair, and yet I keep allowing myself to get so stuck in the gap between my vision of what what I want my blog to be and where my skills are now.

Eventually my hope is that pullupachair will feature original recipes that I have developed for community cooking, beautiful food styling, professional quality photos, clever hashtags and savvy uses of social media.

But alas, for now, my skills in all of those areas are significantly underdeveloped.

Nevertheless what I can do very well is:

  • throw open my front door.
  • invite community into my home.
  • serve a homemade or semi-homemade family meal by adapting other peoples’ recipes.
  • integrate Costco’s food products into my menu to make community cooking reasonable on a weeknight.
  • love people where there are.
  • weave others into the fabric of my family.

For now that is enough to create a valuable blogging resource about nourishing community with food and hospitality.

As much as I would like to develop my blogging and foodie skills privately and then share my expertise publicly, that method is keeping me stalled.  I’m realizing that my skills will mature faster if I’m willing to share my raw ideas about community and food, with my accompanying amateur photos.

Because learning happens best by doing.  Unfortunately – no matter how much I want this to be untrue – I keep coming back to the reality that one the most important qualities that we need for growth is a heart and attitude that is willing fail or be exposed as clumsy.

What about you?  Are there passions that you want to develop as a calling or into a vocation but feel held back because it is SO important to you that it’s hard to share your ideas with others in a flawed or undeveloped way?  How do we push through the difficult middle time?

I’m learning to stay rooted in my “Why”.  It’s the anchor that keeps me focused on what is most important.

My “why” for investing in community is not found in the presentation or quality of the food.

My “why” is anchored in the people in the chairs.

Because of that my community meals are often about making something work, not making something great.  The actual meal is just a tool to spend time talking, listening, sharing, and connecting with other people.  That is what matters.

And so this is actually what my community meals often looks like.

I need to view my blog in the same way.  For now there is value in making something work, even if it isn’t a great as I know it can be.  Because what matters most is that – even in it’s raw state – pullupachair can still be an inspiring resource for people wanting to nourish their own communities.

The more refined, advanced, professional pieces will come as I do the hard work of becoming – which is attained by trying, failing, learning, experiencing, and developing.

I’m so glad to be on the journey with you.

Do you feel stuck in a place between vision and fruition?  Share your passion and your why with us, and let’s encourage each other to keep moving forward from undeveloped to extraordinary.



  1. Yes! A. I think you’re just perfect. And 2. I struggle with this as an artist. Finding the time, fear of not making great work, blah blah blah… and it tends to keep me frozen. Not proud of it. Really want to make some wonderful art in 2016! Lastly, I know you’re most simple of meals are always delightful, especially accompanying what’s in the chairs! MMMWAH!

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