I’m so excited to share a link to an article about the inspiring story that has most radically shaped our community dinners.

The article is written by Shauna Niequist – one of the most influential women in my journey – about her friend Sarah Harmeyer of Neighbor’s Table.  I heard these women co-speak at a Storyline Conference in San Diego a couple of years ago.   The purpose of the conference is to apply the concepts of great story writing as a guide for living an intentional and meaningful life.

Sarah is such an amazing example of this concept because she took pretty radical action on her desire to know her community better, by asking her dad to build her a table that can seat 22 people in her backyard.  She began inviting random neighbors over for dinner, whether she knew them or not, and today countless meaningful and beautiful connections have grown from Sarah whole-heartedly pursuing a dream that seemed incredibly ambitious.

Neighbor's Table
Neighbor’s Table

These women’s stories are so tightly woven into mine, even though I don’t actually know them.   Although I did speak with Shauna Niequest briefly when I ran in to her at the end of the conference.   I was coming out of the restroom and she was rushing to an exit to catch her flight home.  Our conversation was a bit awkward, because I may have been just a bit too enthusiastic for a kind but exhausted women who was at the end of a speaking tour and anxious to get home to her family.  Everyone reading this who knows me well is chuckling and feeling empathy for Shauna!

Nevertheless, the inspiration I gleaned from both of these women broadened my dreaming about what our weekly dinners could look like.  And eventually lead to the gift from our community of a table that can seat 20 people built for our backyard that is signed by everyone who shares a meal with us.

FullSizeRender (13)

I’m forever grateful for these women and the gift of their story that has made mine so much richer.

What are your thoughts about Sarah’s story?  What are you dreaming about for community connections in your home?


2 thoughts on “MEET SARAH

  1. I was chuckling picturing you, enthusiastic sunshiny YOU, talking to Shauna, and then you said it! About the chuckling. Too cute! xoxo

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