Photo courtesy of Clove & Kin
Photo courtesy of Clove & Kin

Thankfully personal growth is a process that occurs most often through gradual change.  We are shaped over long periods of time by moments, interactions, and realizations that mature us.  Ideally, life experience guides us to renounce childish ways as we continually evolve toward becoming our best self.

However, in everyone’s story there are at least a few dramatic events that cause significant changes to happen suddenly.  These experiences more closely resemble the shifting of tectonic plates deep beneath the earth’s surface.  The kind of shocking jolts that can change the entire landscape in just a few minutes.

The movement of tectonic changes in our lives are often overwhelming, unwanted, or alarming because they tear down structures that are familiar and comforting – creating a landscape that is uncertain and uncharted.

But while these drastic changes can bring an end to the roles, chapters, and settings that we have loved – they also clear the way for the joy, hope, and possibility that only a new landscape can offer.

Recently my life has been radically affected by a seismic change.

Our oldest child has launched from our cozy nest.  The son who made me a mom is now a college freshman, living in a dorm room, 1,255.2 miles away.  (Yes, I looked it up on google.)

My new landscape has given way to a relaunch of pullupachair.

It has taken a year and a half of on and off blogging, trying out different themes and genres of writing, and all the introspection that a major life change brings to discover the heart of what this blog is about:

“The Art of Nourishing Community”

Pullupachair is a place to grow together in the sacred practices that transform our dining tables into an invaluable resource for nourishing hearts and souls.  A site for inspiration, guidance, and sharing about how we can intentionally create spaces where people can build the intimate connections that are desperately needed in our fast-paced, social media driven culture.

Together we’ll learn the art of genuine hospitality – which is not necessarily the same thing as Instagram-worthy, picture perfect entertaining.  Hospitality is throwing open the doors of our hearts, our homes, our gathering places, and inviting others in to experience authentic relationships.   It means allowing our imperfections, as well as our strengths, to be known as we also share great love and genuine caring for others.

This blog is a place to be inspired, learn new ideas, and share with one another about nurturing the community of people gathering around our tables.

Pullupachair features:

MEET OTHERS – stories about how other people are nourishing their community.

MY COMMUNITY – stories and photos about the community that meets weekly in my home.

IDEAS & ADVICE – guidance I can share with others about getting started and developing community based on knowledge gained thorough experience and trial and error.

RECIPES – the recipes I use to prepare simple, home-cooked meals to the large number of people who gather around my table for a weeknight dinner.

FAQ’S – answers to the general questions that I am often asked about how we manage and serve community meals in our home every week.

RESOURCES – books, blogs, and other sources that have inspired and taught me how to start and grow a thriving community around my table, as well as links to helpful articles and contacting me.  I’d love to hear your stories, learn from your experiences, and answer specific questions.

So pull up a chair.  Let’s gather around this virtual table to learn, share, and inspire each other in the art of nourishing our communities with good food, meaningful conversations, and authentic relationships.


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